About me~

Name: Karin

Also Known As:

  • Chularin
  • Flaming Crotch Tsuna
  • Barnaby Brooks Jr.
  • Tsuna
  • Tsundera
  • thehpobsessor
  • ChuChuChularin
  • Kar
  • In

Age:  Probably older than you, sadly.   Whatever you want me to be, baby. ;D


  • cosplay
  • KHR
  • Tiger and Bunny
  • Ao no Exorcist
  • Shaman King


  • cosplay
  • art
  • poetry
  • fanfiction
  • role playing
  • anime/manga
  • /cgl/
  • conventions

WARNING: I post things that range between harmless and NSFW.  If you cannot tolerate the things I post, I recommend you don’t follow. This includes yaoi, yuri, terrible fanart that may scar you forever, and YES…. HET.  :l  As much as I enjoy shounen-ai, I also do like traditional pairing so please don’t be shocked.

Feel free to follow me, Ask questions, submit things, etc.

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