I feel that the most important thing new cosplayers/cosplayers in general seem to forget is how to search wigs on ebay/taobao.

You don’t need to look up “Gokudera wig” in order to get a good match for him.

Characters like Shizuo, Gokudera, Tsuna, Shion, etc have such simple hair designs that you can go and look for wigs in GENERAL and find something more accurate than a “character wig” already labeled as that respective character.   And it will be cheaper.

ON THE OTHER SIDE HOWEVER, characters with unique styles like Chrome, Daemon Spade,  with crazy parts, added accessories, etc— your best bet is looking for a character wig so you wouldn’t have to add in crazy parts yourself. 

Characters like Fran, Kikyo, etc. with unique hair color could be found using OTHER character wigs.  Fran and Kikyo’s hair, for example, is Miku blue/green (not quite blue, not quite green).  Looking up a Miku base wig/Mikuo wig would suffice to find an accurate color. (Unless you are doing current Kikyo… I doubthey make a punky style Miku wig. :I)

    1. extremeboss said: Yeah, I just looked for a wig that was long enough for me to style and an accurate color. It’s simple enough to style on my own XD
    2. bokutokotarous said: That’s what I do on eBay Just searching length+colour wig
    3. ryki said: Karin is God, and this might help me find a good present!Bel wig as well as a Fran one???
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