If someone ever tells you a certain song is important to them you should turn it up and lay on your bed and close your eyes and really listen to it even if its 10 minutes long because at the end you will know that person much better I think

My love for this post is unbelievable.


    I’M SORRY I GOT REALLY ADDICTED TO EMOFURI SO I MADE EVEN MORE KAGEYAMA GIFS this time they’re not as wonky and i like the faces better









      Or, you know, you could just stop saying sorry.

      I take it you don’t have anxiety.

      You can’t “just stop saying sorry”. You do something, something so little, like accidentally bump into someone. You feel horrible about it. Your brain starts panicking and you have trouble trying to breathe. You stutter an apology. They say it’s okay, but you accidentally do it again, and you apologize again. They just say “Aha, you can stop saying sorry.” And you feel horrible that you’ve probably made them angry or upset, so you mutter out an apology for the third stupid time, and they just say to stop saying sorry. Stop saying sorry. 

      You can’t just tell someone to stop saying you’re sorry.

      I want that comment on flyers so I can hang them in my school

      reblogging this one for the GOOD commentary.

      If you’re going to tell someone to stop saying sorry say, “You don’t have to apologize to me.” and smile. If they say sorry again just say, “You’re fine.” and keep smiling and move on. The faster the situation is resolved the faster the person with anxiety can start to calm down. Please don’t get angry at someone for saying sorry, sometimes that’s all the person feels like they can do.

      I’ve always been really bad about this and as a kid I’d always do it around my parents and my mom would always say “STOP SAYING YOURE SORRY.” thank you to the helpful comment.


        Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix ( Kingdom Hearts 2 ) 2/?

人工呼吸回避不可能 (Unavoidable Mouth-to-Mouth) by MinaTranslation by me


          人工呼吸回避不可能 (Unavoidable Mouth-to-Mouth) by Mina
          Translation by me

            Great weekend with fumeister extremelele and special guest riyuski.

            Why is chrom here? Because the weekend was full of fire emblem shenanigans

              me at friends house

              me at friends house

              • friend: so... what do u wanna do
              • me: idk its ur house
              • friend: idk ur the guest
              • me: idk its ur house
              Beach time shenanigans

              Beach time shenanigans

                I did not sign up to babysit this morning… I just want to go to work at peace. :/


                  stop being so cute if i can’t kiss you

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                      The rest of the DR:AE preorder bonuses art! Info in captions. (They’re all pretty huge, for best results view seperately)




                        Oh hey I guess they are working together after all-


                        Wait WHAT



                          When u accidentally type pkay instead of okay